Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)
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LifeScope3D represents a unique platform enabling all-round characterization of multicellular structures, from high-throughput screening of spheroids or organoids, down to single cell or molecule analysis, using optical, microscopical and mechanical detection methods. The versatility of this platform will be achieved through acquiring several state-of-the art devices: (1) a high throughput biosorter for differently sized organoids or spheroids, (2) a microidentation compression device, (3) an atomic force microscope dedicated to soft biological samples, and (4) a 3D lattice light sheet superresolution microscope allowing imaging down to single molecule level. The corresponding LifeSorting, LifeMechanics and LifeImaging units will be integrated into the Cell Culture Core Facility at TU Wien, and will be available to researchers from both academia and industry. Such synergism will foster research and education in the emerging field of multicellular assemblies, with important implications in personalized medicine and tissue engineering.

LifeScope3D platform will be developed during the course of the coming years and is expected to be fully established and available for external users by 2024. It will be located at the new building currently constructed at Campus Getreidemarkt 9. This project is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).