Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)
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Digital Material Production

Current additive manufacturing technologies (AMTs) are said to allow the production of parts with nearly unlimited freedom of design. However, the real benefit of the typical layer wise production is rarely addressed: within the buildup of a printed part, each volume segment (e.g. voxel) can be accessed. This allows the production of so-called Digital Materials, were each spatial point can carry different material property information. Being limited in either resolution, mechanical properties or throughput, different AMTs need to be combined to fully exploit their specific advantages.

In recent projects we successfully showed how the combination of stereolithography with inkjet printheads can lead to advanced material properties (see Machines BP5). To take this approach to the next level, a hybrid printing system for large scale production is developed together with Cubicure GmbH. Using inkjet technology, the functionality of SL-printed parts with high resolution, surface quality and thermo-mechanical performance is expanded. This opens the possibilities to selectively modify the part’s properties, for example color, stiffness or wear resistance. Within this project, new materials and processes are developed.

Funding: Wirtschaftsagentur Wien