Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)
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Euromat 2021

Euromat 2021 will take in Graz from 12.-16.9.2021. The AMT team of TU Wien supports the conference by participating in the scientific committee (J. Stampfl), and by co-organizing scientific symposia on AMT (S. Baumgartner) and on biopolymers (O. Guillaume). Additional information can be found in this folder.

ESIAM 2021

ESIAM 2021 (European Conference on the Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials) will take place in Vienna from 8.-10.9.2021 and will be hosted by TU Wien. In cooperation with ESIS technical committee 15, the AM team of TU Wien supports the organization of this leading event for topics around fracture mechanics and AM. Abstracts can be submitted until 15.3.3021.

2PP "Castle on the Pencil Tip" video featured in a recent Seeker production

Gewinn Jungunternehmerpreis 2020

Among several hundred applicants, the two TU-Spinoff UpNano GmbH was ranked place 4 and received a special prize "Idea of the Year" in the national competition Gewinn Jungunternehmer 2020.

3D-printing and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

We are a team of mechanical engineers, materials scientists and chemists, headed by Prof. Liska, Prof. Ovsianikov and Prof. Stampfl. Our goal is to do research in the field of lithography-based Additive Manufacturing Technologies (3D-printing). Although our focus is on materials, we aim at covering the complete process chain from initiators over thermosetting polymers to system design and development and thermomechanical characterization of the obtained parts and materials.

More details about our work on multiphoton lithography can be found in a recently published book.

cellular infiltration of 2PP-produced microscaffold

Education and Research

Our group is actively working in numerous research projects ranging from fundamental science to applied and industrial researc. In the last years we coordinated and partcipated in three H2020 projects, three ERC projects and two Christian Doppler laboratories. Furthermore, we were partner in many national (FFG, FWF, Wiener Wirtschaftsagentur) project, as well as international industrial projects.

In addition to our research, we are involved in the education of chemists, mechanical engineers and materials scientists. Classes with close relation to AMT include

308.865 Additive Manufacturing Technologies

163.059 Polymer Chemistry